Nike Air Jordan Sneakers – Versatile in Its Appeal

Every youngster is absolutely crazy about the Air Jordan Sneakers. Young, energetic and impressionable basketball players made a lasting impression on the youngsters by wearing these sneakers. During the late 1980s, Michael Jordan was the star in the field of basketball. He was the one who wore these shoes and everyone followed suit. There was tremendous demand for these shoes and many companies like McDonald’s, Hanes and Gatorade wanted to rope him.

The best thing which happened to Michael Jordan was his association with Nike. The Air Jordan brand of shoes was named after him and Nike dedicated these shoes to the great basketball player. Nike made tremendous progress and was in the forefront and limelight for manufacturing the successful sneaker line in the world of basketball. Nike made history and thus Air Jordan was born.

There was huge publicity by way of TV commercials, in store advertising and on posters. Everyone was talking about Air Jordan sneakers. It was very easy to market this product. These shoes were not only stylish and durable, but were also very comfortable. Whenever Jordan scored a jumper, the shoes were focused and every basketball fan, be it a kid or a grown up wanted to own those shoes for sure. They wanted to follow him because he was the king of basketball. He was the youth icon during that period.

The latest addition to the Air Jordan family is the Jordan XXI. These shoes are pretty comfortable and stylish too.

The Basics

The first pair of Jordans which were released in the market came in only one color. It was white, red or black. The new releases of Air Jordans are different from the older versions. You could get something in pure leather and also some suede. It has a seamless body and it lends a smooth look and also looks pretty stylish and fashionable.

The fullgrain uppers of leather lend comfort and durability. It has a tongue which juts out slightly higher as compared to the older models. But the look is still attractive and does not look cluttered. You could wear it with both formal and casual outfits.


The shoes are superb when it comes to performance at the gym because of the excellent support. The latest version of Air Jordans provides good ankle support which supports quick movements and is neither too loose nor too tight. The shoes have been crafted so well that it lends extreme comfort and durability due to its padding in the inside. The soft padding also enables easy and quick movements. The shoe is also blow proof and is able to absorb blows better, even when the foot is slammed against the ground.

History of the Air Jordan Sneakers

Nike is a worldwide recognized sneaker brand, the most popular line of Nike sneakers is called to Air Jordan. As you may know, this specific brand of shoes was designed for Michael Jordan, one of the best basketball players in history, this brand became so popular that Nike had to create a subdivision which would handle everything related to the Air Jordan sneakers.

This line was created back in 1984 and there have been numerous releases each and every year, even after Michael Jordan retired from professional basketball, due to their popularity is a sneaker which is purchased by private collectors will acquire basketball related memorabilia. The Air Jordan sneakers are classified according to the year they were released to the market and by their particular model, which vary from samples, originals also referred to as OG, retros, retro pluses and player executive models which are also referred to as PE.

In addition, the Jordan brand also produces a line of team shoes which have nothing to do with the Air Jordan models but are just as popular. When it comes to the Air Jordan models, one signature design is re-introduced every year however, it is different from the previous design because the colors and the scheme have been changed.

In order to create a good demand and keep the value of the shoe as high as possible, the subdivision of Nike which is in charge of releasing new Air Jordan sneakers announces one specific date which will be set for distribution of this specific line, this ensures that the sneakers will still be wanted by basketball fans who love the retro design of the shoe.

Ever since its original release there have been 23 models introduced to the market, the names of each model only vary by a number which is given to the shoe in order to represent the sequence of the release. Back in 1985 the Air Jordan I was considered a breakthrough in basketball although he was later on improved with a new line called the Nike dunk which was intended for college basketball, it wasn’t until the third release that the Air Jordan sneakers featured the jumping logo, this edition of the sneaker was the cornerstone of Nike’s most successful advertising campaign.

Air Jordan III was reintroduced in 1994 however that sales were not as great as expected which is why it had to be re-retroed and become a hit, it is said that a pair of Air Jordan III can be sold for over $300.

A Sneak Into How Air Jordan Sneakers Came to Earth

No wonder the beginning of a shoe company has led to its successful journey by naming it after the Greek goddess of victory. Nike, Adidas and Converse were the three main sports brands since the concept of sports shoes were invented. Initially people called the company as Blue Ribbon Sports that later became to be known as Nike. But most of Nike’s glory can be attributed to the Air Jordans line of basketball sneakers.

It was in the early 80s when all the other companies had signed up contracts with famous basketball stars of that time that Nike took a crucial decision of investing money on a then Rookie of the red bulls team – Michael Jordan. The first ever Jordans were designed by Peter Moore and the design did all the publicity for the product that was needed. It stirred up a controversy for Moore did not know that only white sneakers were allowed in the game. In spite of the rules, Jordan wore them after paying heavy fines.

From then on, it was Nike that was ruling the domain of basketball sneakers. It had recorded a turnover of $2.3 billion even after 2 months of public release of Jordan Line of shoes. From 1984 till present day 24 new designs and innovations have been added to the Jordans with Jordans 2010 range being the latest.

Due to its immense popularity and cost, there are many fake Jordans that have infected the market. Beware of them. Check for the “jumpman” logo and the hologram before buying them. The best way to avoid counterfeits is to buy your genuine Jordans from an authenticated Jordan store. A list of such stores is available in the Nike website. The website also offers you tools to design your own pair of Jordans and order them online.